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R-CAT for Arrhythmias with FREE R-CAT EKG Badge

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The Pocket R-CAT features:

  • All 41 six-second EKG strips from the original R-CAT
  • A new convenient size that fits in a scrub or lab coat pocket
  • Unique, double-sided panels that can be folded and refolded quickly
  • A laminated surface that can be marked and erased for repeated use
  • A new tool for heart rate and interval measurements
  • The R-CAT EKG Badge features (included): Unique plastic badge provides a reversible, see-through window for establishing the EKG baseline.
  • Can be used for both EKG rhythm strips and 12 lead EKG analysis
  • The badge measures 3 ⅝ by 2 ⅜ inches – about the same size as an average ID badge or credit card.