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EKG Recognition

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This course is 6.5 hours long.

EKG monitoring is becoming more common in inpatient and outpatient care settings as well as emergency and critical care areas. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are responsible for cardiac patients including monitoring and interpreting cardiac dysrhythmias.  They must develop critical thinking skills required to quickly and accurately identify potentially life-threatening conditions. This EKG online course is designed for these healthcare professionals wishing to enhance their level of education to include anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system, EKG electrode placement, equipment, and recognition of lethal and non-lethal dysrhythmias. A thorough understanding of the cardiac conduction system, circulatory system, lay out of the EKG waveforms to include the P-Wave, R-Wave, QRS Complex, T-Wave, as well as the PR Intervals, ST Segments, and the normal timing of each area is essential to EKG/ECG recognition and best patient outcomes. This course will also describe and discuss the different pacemakers, their uses, and troubleshooting techniques.