• Primary Affiliate

    Who is it?

    An individual who is a current AHA instructor aligned with Lifework Affiliates.

    What this means:

    A primary affiliate is responsible for submitting their training records (rosters, etc) electronically to Lifework Affiliates. Lifework Affiliates then provide all AHA course cards to the affiliate.

  • Secondary Affiliate

    Who is it?

    An individual who is a current AHA instructor primarily aligned with another AHA Training Center and is secondarily aligned with Lifework Affiliates.

    What this means:

    An instructor may align with Lifework as a second Training Center if employed by a primary Training Center that will not support the instructor’s non-employment-related courses.

  • Site

    Who is it?

    Self-sufficient training locations that operate under Lifework Affiliates and follow key criterion for a inclusion and certification as a Training Site.

    What this means:

    A training site may qualify to align with Lifework Affiliates due to their training center status with major certifying bodies.

Lifework Instructor teaches students how to perform CPR.

Why become a Lifework Affiliate?

We make your life easy with the perks of working with a well-established organization that has long-term partnerships with the largest certifying bodies in the industry.

What does that mean?

Lifework operates several American Heart Association (AHA) Training Centers, including the Lifework Affiliates Training Center serving aligned Training Sites and Instructors.

Lifework Education is also a national partner with the American Red Cross. We offer a Red Cross Onboarding Service which provides VIP service to help new sites and instructors.

Any Training Center can sell you e-cards but we ensure you can enjoy the benefits that translate to a true value when building your training offerings. 
Lifework provides many models and customized program management solutions to entities of any size in any geographic location. Lifework Affiliates is driven by specific client needs, and this service model is carefully and collaboratively designed with each client and continually reevaluated to ensure compliance and operational effectiveness of certification completions. 

How to apply for alignment as an affiliate:

Step #1

Submit a request form below.

Step #2

You will receive an email with two documents for signatures, an Account Setup and Lifework's Instructor Responsibilities Agreement.

Step #3

If approved, you'll receive an approval email within 1 business day with your login for Enrollware. In order to make your first purchase a class roster MUST be uploaded to Enrollware. Once you upload your roster go to the approval email and click Rosters Uploaded.

Step #4

We will verify your class roster and send you access for Affiliate login to the store & you're ready to make your first purchase!

We are here to help, and if you have any questions, please contact us!