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Objectives: Explain the role of aging in the twenty-first century. Define caregiver roles, responsibilities, and care settings. Describe the correct way to interact with members of the care team to follow a client's care plan. Define communication and describe tactics for effective communication. Describe approaches to dealing with conflicts. Recognize the laws on privacy and confidentiality of client information (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA). Describe caregivers’ mandated reporting responsibilities in Washington state. Identify types of observation. Describe types of reports caregivers make and the elements of effective reports. Describe the characteristics of good documentation.

Description: This class meets the 2-hour orientation training required for long-term care (LTC) workers in Washington state. It covers caregiver roles and responsibilities, effective communication, clients' rights, abuse awareness and prevention, and principles of observation, documentation, and reporting. This class is the first component of 's approved Washington State Orientation and Safety (ORSA) online training program. To meet the entire 5-hour ORSA requirement, caregivers must also complete 's 3-hour Washington State Safety Training.

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