End-of-Life, Palliative, and Hospice Care


Course Hours: 7

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Objectives: Discuss the need for end-of-life care in the United States. Differentiate between palliative care and hospice care. Explain legal and ethical principles in end-of-life care. Discuss the essential elements of effective communication with patient and family. List pain management interventions for the dying patient. Identify the psychological and support needs of the patient and family. Describe the special end-of-life care needs of children, veterans, and terminal patients with cancer, dementia, and HIV/AIDS. Describe care of the patient during the last hours of life. Explain the steps in postmortem care.

Description: Differences between palliative care and hospice care, ethical and legal principles in end-of-life care, pain management, care needs for special populations, effective communication with patient and family, care during final hours and postmortem.

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