Elder Care


Course Hours: 11

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Objectives: Summarize the models and goals of care for the older adult. Discuss the major age-related physiologic changes impacting older adults and related assessment and management recommendations. Discuss cognitive and psychosocial changes impacting the health of older individuals and related management recommendations. Identify key elements in the functional assessment of the older adult. Discuss risk factors and assessment strategies for falls prevention and home safety. Explain the risks, safety, and management of medications for older adults. Relate strategies for supporting family caregivers of elders. Discuss legal and ethical considerations in the care of the older adult. Review the assessment and management of elder abuse victims. Clarify the principles that guide end-of-life care.

Description: Goals and models of care for older adults; physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and functional changes of aging; medication use; supporting family caregivers; legal and ethical considerations for elder care; elder abuse; end-of-life care.

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