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Caregiver Certification for Private Duty

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The Caregiver Core 8 is a training program designed around the foundational competencies a personal care aide will need to know in order to provide safe and effective care. These classes are selected based on input from subject matter experts including nurses, geriatricians, physical and occupational therapists, and other medical professionals. These classes are also those most commonly used to fulfill caregiver training requirements for private and public pay care agencies across the United States.

Define what a professional caregiver is and what professionalism looks like. The correct way to interact with clients and their families about your care responsibilities. The correct way to interact with your teammates is to follow your client's care plan. Identify ways to take care of yourself and keep yourself safe when working in and around the client’s home. | 10 Hour Course

**Please note courses will become available 24-48 hours after purchase. You will have access to the course for 30 days after purchase.